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Velvet Feel Business Cards


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Velvet Feel Business Cards

Soft touch business cards are sometimes called suede business cards for their luxurious feel.

  • Soft, matte, velvet-like surface
  • 19pt thickness (16pt stock + 3pt lamination)
  • Lamination adds protection against scratches and smudges

      Velvet Feel Business Cards (19pt)

      Introducing our Velvet Feel Business Cards, where sophistication meets touch. Elevate your professional image with these luxurious soft touch business cards, also known as suede business cards, designed to make a lasting impression.

      Crafted with a soft, matte, velvet-like surface, these business cards redefine the tactile experience. The 19pt thickness (comprising a 16pt stock and an additional 3pt lamination) not only lends a substantial and premium feel but also ensures durability that stands the test of time.

      The strategic inclusion of lamination serves a dual purpose – not only does it enhance the overall aesthetic by providing a sleek finish, but it also acts as a shield against scratches and smudges. Your business cards will now maintain their pristine appearance, even with daily handling.

      Whether you’re networking at an important event or sealing a deal, our Velvet Feel Business Cards add a touch of elegance and sophistication to every interaction. Make your first impression a memorable one with these business cards that speak volumes before you say a word. Elevate your brand presence with the tactile opulence of Velvet Feel Business Cards – where every touch tells a story of quality and professionalism.


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