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Digital Printing

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing uses high-resolution digital-based files to produce the image on the paper. This is in contrast to traditional offset printing, which relies on giant metal sheets that host the image.

You probably have a personal ink jet printer at your house that you use for small home digital print jobs. The type of digital printing service that we offer uses the same concept, except we’re able to produce much higher quantities at a much higher quality by experienced printing pros (we’ve been printing since the 80’s).

Recently, we upgraded to the powerful Xerox 1000i digital press. The 1000i is notorious for high quality prints that rival the colors of traditional offset printing.


Benefits of Digital Printing

It’s Easier to Order Smaller Quantities

The setup for offset printing is extensive, and it includes plates that aid in transferring ink to the page via a blanket. People sometimes pick offset printing for very large commercial runs requiring few or no changes. Requesting a small order from a company that only does offset printing may result in inflated costs because of the time and specifics for the offset printing process.

Sheet-fed or web offset printing may produce the highest level of quality, but it might not be cost-effective unless you’re ordering a large number of prints. Typically, digital printing costs less for smaller print jobs.

More Variations Are Permitted

Digital printing is a great solution if you have variable data, such as a situation where it’s necessary to print something different on each page. That’s not possible with offset printing, so digital printing provides more flexibility. Digital printing could be the best option if you’d like to print small batches of various kinds of flyers or other print materials before determining which one looks best.

Faster Turnaround Time

As you might imagine based on the equipment used for offset printing, digital printing offers a quicker turnaround time. Although the timeframe for your results will vary depending on the printing company’s workload, whether supplies are immediately available, and other factors, you’ll generally find that the completion time for a digital printing project is shorter than the alternative.

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