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8 Ways to be More Creative

If you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas, don’t worry, there are ways to overcome this. Generating new and innovative ideas can be a stressful task, especially when you feel stuck. However, creativity is an inexhaustible commodity and finding new ways to turn it on again is essential. Here are some tips from executives who have an opinion on the matter:

  1. Flex your creativity muscle every day: Treat creativity like a muscle that needs to be regularly worked out. Set aside time every day to write or brainstorm ideas. Take breaks if you’re stuck on a problem, step away from your desk, take a walk, or even take a shower.

  2. Play music in the background: Playing background music can help you relax and keep you calm, making you more open creatively.

  3. Discover your most productive time of day: Everyone has a time of day where they are most productive. Identify your most creatively productive time of day and make it a scheduled daily appointment.

  4. Be a perpetual student: Adopt a lifelong student mentality. Learn from reading, watching videos, traveling, and even simple conversations. Find the people you consider to be experts in your field and study them intensely.

  5. Put down your device: Sometimes, simply taking a break from mobile devices and sensory overload can inspire new ideas. Creativity doesn’t always require more information or stimulus, but a better mindset for examining the problem.

  6. Seek a broad set of perspectives: Creativity often stems from gaining a broad set of perspectives from diverse areas. It’s critical to amass as much knowledge and perspectives from the broadest range as possible.

  7. Work for a company that gives you freedom: It’s important to have the freedom to think outside of the box. Let creative ideas flow naturally and allow team members to be their own guru.

  8. Recognize when “circuit breakers” impede your energy: Understand that when something impedes your energy, it limits creativity and connectivity. Recognize and remove “circuit breakers” that divert your thinking.